By Young CISO Network and Ballanlay International

Shehacks Summit & Expo 2021

Thu 17 Jun, 2021 at 03:30 AM


Shehacks is helping young women with the skills and confidence to integrate with the global community of ethical hackers, white hat, and python coders. 

Attend the Shehacks Summit 

> 150 community members will be attendance 
> 30 white hat and python coders 
> 12 industry veterans and influencers expected online and in-person 
100% workshop style learning experience

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About Young CISO Network

We are a building a network of smart young professionals, working together to help shape the future of the cyber security profession.  

With our strong advisory board consisting of CISOs with long standing industry experience, we are promoting a platform where young cyber security leaders are natured. We are providing practical guidance; solving critical industry challenges, and helping to move the industry to the next level.


About Ballanlay International 

We bring together leading minds, entrepreneurs and innovators from the digital value chain to foster new business opportunities and facilitate valuable connections.

We are a global business events and consulting firm focus on facilitating the digital disruption. Leveraging the experience of seasoned technocrats who forms members of our advisory board, we produce highly focused B2B, B2C, C2C events that connect businesses and channel stakeholders with opportunities.