Managing guests re-imagined

Your guests shouldn't have to wait an insane amount of time to gain entry into your event.
With our Check-In app, they won't have to.

Faster Check-in, reduced wait time, zero queues

Check-In Guests in as low as 5 seconds simply by scanning their tickets.
Ticket not available? No problem, simply look up guest by name, email or even ticket number.

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Real-time syncing, zero data loss

Zero paperwork, cloud storage means no data loss.
Your check-in data are synced to the server immediately. Simply log in to your organizer page to see how guests are coming in.

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Multiple gateways, zero conflict

Authorize multiple check-in devices for simultaneous check-ins making handling guests even more seamless.
Real-time syncing ensures a ticket is not used more than once.

No Internet, no problem

Suspect your internet might flake? We’ve got you covered. Simply switch to Offline mode and all your guest data are stored on your device and are ready when needed.
Check-Ins are synced as soon as the Internet becomes available

The Eventprime Check-in app is currently available on Google Play Store.

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