By Diary of Hackers

Lagos Cyber Meetup

Sat 09 Dec, 2023 at 03:00 AM
This event has ended and tickets have stopped selling!!!


LagosCyberMeetup: Owambe edition 
It is themed "Owambe" because We are infusing African fashion into tech to remind ourselves tech is not all about tees and jeans and kicks 😂, but you, the great minds in tech.

On the technical side, this meetup is tailored to be a cyber career fair, to help young cybersecurity enthusiasts get their career started, and to optimize careers of current cybersecurity professional

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8 Montgomery road Yaba

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About the Organizer

Diary of Hackers (DoH) is an initiative founded in May 2020 which aims to bring together Cybersecurity Students and Enthusiasts to enhance their professional development through mentorship, skill-building, networking, engaging activities, and collaboration. Diary of Hacker provides opportunities that will help enthusiasts know what it is like to become an industry expert from a professional perspective. This initiative responds to the urgent demand for trained and ethical cybersecurity talents in Africa while recognizing the importance of providing students and enthusiasts with knowledge and career pathway in this exciting and critical field.