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Foodstuff Export Masterclass

Sat 18 Feb, 2023 at 03:00 AM
This event has ended and tickets have stopped selling!!!


When it comes to foodstuff exporting, you need someone who is an expert and experienced in all sides of the business to teach you how to start the business, 
operate the business, and sustain the business. There are two sides to foodstuff exporting, using sea freight, and using airfreight depending on the volume of products  you're shipping. My company has procured over 20 tons of foodstuffs just this January alone and we're not even in the middle of the month yet.  

How're you taking advantage of the increasing 'Japa' from Nigeria? How do you plan to tap into the increasing demand for Nigeria's food and everyday products in other countries around the world by Nigerians in the diaspora? You can legally make 5,000 USD a month exporting foodstuffs to African stores across the world.  Foodstuffs like Rice, Ogbonna, Beans, Spices, Yam, Pepper, Garri, Flour, Yam, Noodles, Milk, Sardines, Drinks (healthy, alcoholic, or herbal), etc. You can export any of the categories of foodstuffs available - finished food products, semi-finished, or raw food products depending on what is required by your client.  

Now, Foodstuff Export Masterclass will be virtual to incorporate Nigerians abroad who want to learn the nitty-gritty of the business so they can start a viable business of exporting foodstuffs from their native country. There's a lot to gain when you register for the upcoming Foodstuff Export Masterclass-  

- You get practical experience from a leading exporter in the country.  
- You get to master the technicalities involved in every part of foodstuff exporting whether airfreight or sea freight.  
- Get a FREE copy of my book, A-Z of Mini Exporting: How to build a multi-million dollar empire exporting foodstuffs.  

Originally, the Foodstuff Export Masterclass costs NGN60,000 to register but now you have a NEW YEAR PROMO to register for just NGN25,000.  

To register, click the link in this post or  

Pay the sum of NGN25,000 to GTBank  
Lagos School of Export Management  

Call/WhatsApp 09058681595.

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