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Business Growth Summit : OKRs - Scale Your Business With Google's Goal Setting Hack

Fri 07 Aug, 2020 at 07:00 AM
This event has ended and tickets have stopped selling!!!


Learn how to use Google's Goal setting hack - Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)-  to grow your business optimally by unifying your teams around common growth goals.

To build a successful business, your organisation needs to operate with ruthless focus on efficient growth, to sustainably scale at a faster rate than your competition.

One way to achieve this is to create a performance-based culture in your business using objectives and key Results (OKRs) which are focused on growth. This increases operational focus and impetus around growth-based initiatives, which in turn minimises inefficiencies and misalignment that exist within the organisation. Join us at Google Business Group Yaba as we explore the power of OKRs. Visit for more information

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