Event Checklist: 1 day to your event/event day

Event Checklist: 1 day to your event/event day

On this edition of Event Checklist series, we’ll be considering what to do 1 day to your event and on the event day. This is not the last part yet, as we’ll still be considering Post-event activities after this. Let’s start with 1 day to the event, and then event day;

1 Day to your event

The last post in the series shows what to do a week before your event. You’ve come a long way from 6months. Now, it’s a day to your event, here are a few last-minute details you might want to remember, listed and explained below;

  1. Confirm media attendance: Confirm everything that has to do with media is in place, those hired or selected or invited that have given their word to be at the event. It’s a good time to ring everyone and confirm agreements are in order.
  2. Ensure all signage is in place: Ensure that signage are properly placed in strategically locations where everyone will see both around the venue and any other areas in which it’s needed. 
  3. Ensure registration and media tables are prepared: Ensure that the registration table for ushers/ greeters and media personnel are prepared and we’ll set. Ensure they are also stocked with necessary items (such as blank name badges, paper, pens, tape, stapler, etc.)
    • Ensure there are enough outlets. If not, consider bringing power bars (extension suckets and plugs) for attendees and your team, as the case may be.
  4. Ensure all Promo items, gifts, plaques, trophies, etc. are on-site: This is a good time to make sure that all Promo items, gifts, plaques, trophies, giveaways, certificates, etc are on site. Not at your house or someone’s office but everything should be at the venue of the event to avoid any logistics issues on the event day.
  5. Ensure all A/V equipment is set up and working properly: Invite the engineering team involved. Make sure everything is tested and working properly, if there are going to be singers at the event, you can invite them for a brief sound testing.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep: You’ll need the rest before the exciting day to come. 

Event Day: Your Time to Shine

The big day you’ve been planning for so long has arrived, and naturally you could feel pressure around you easily because you want everything to be perfect. Here’s what you have to remember:

  • Take a few deep breaths — you got this: You’ve been working on this for a while, and not just you alone but with various teams in charge of logistics, media, engineering, ushering, etc. And you haven’t left any stone unturned in your event checklist till now so you can expect the best.
  • Ensure you have copies of all instructions: Don’t let anything slip you by. It’s events day and it’s like you have to be everywhere which obviously you can’t. Ensure you have all the copies of instructions with you. Directions, phone numbers, keys, extra parking permits for VIP guests, seating charts and guest lists with you just in case anything comes up.
  • Check in with each Committee Chair: Yes, you spent enough time selecting your team to trust that they’ll deliver optimum service, but just before the event its good you check in with the Chair of each committee to ensure their team is on track. Check in with the catering team also to make sure everything is on track, as planned.
    • Also check in with all sponsor teams that are attending. 
  • Assist sponsors, speakers, and other teams as needed: Now that every team is in order and on track, help assist any team that needs help. As you know there’ll always be a team who either needs help or are lacking in one area or another. Sponsor team, speakers, could also need help, make sure to assist wherever you can.
  • Greet new attendees: As busy as you might be on event day, make time to greet attendees as they check in or whereever you meet them, a big smile and wave/hug will do to welcome them. You can also use EventPrime Check-in App for easy check-in process for your attendees.
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We’ll talk about Post-event follow up in the next article. Make sure to read previous articles in this series and don’t forget to host your next event on EventPrime.