Event Checklist: 1-2 months to your event

Event Checklist: 1-2 months to your event

You’re getting there! At this point, you’re probably spending more and more time focusing on the event and finalizing some details. What you should focus on, on your checklist 1-2 months to your events are:

  1. Send reminders to your contact list regarding registration and participation
  2. Reach out again to presenters/speakers regarding the event
  3. Sponsorship finalization
  4. Continue executing on your publicity plan
  5. Close early-bird tickets
  6. Finalize and proofread printed materials

Now let’s take it one after the other;

Send reminders to your contact list regarding registration and participation:

You need to keep your event at top-of-the mind awareness to participants and contacts, here are some ways you can do that,

  1. Put a call through to participants to remind them about your event, send emails/SMS or pre-event newsletters that’ll keep the event as a top of the mind priority.
  2. You can send participants pre-event sourvnirs, brochures, or speaker profile, maybe create an event forum on your website where participants can log in and discuss expectations from the event.

Reach out again to presenters/speakers regarding the event:

You’ve done this before, but you have to follow up to make sure everything is detailed, your speakers must see value and quality in your event so they’ll accept your invitation when next you invite them. You can do this by,

  1. Confirming travel and accommodation details from your speakers is very important as this will help in logistics so you can let them know ahead if they’ll be arranging their own transportation or you’ll be in charge of it.
  2. Request copy of speeches and/or presentations from your presenters/instructors/speakers in advance. Thus will give you time to check what they are planning to talk about, discuss, so you can approve it ahead. Some speakers may not be informed that some terminologies aren’t accepted to your audience. This will help you put every speech in order.

Sponsorship finalization:

Finalize sponsorships with various category sponsors you have and prospective sponsors by,

  1. Follow up to confirm sponsorships and underwriting. It’s better to follow up and confirm now that there’s a month ahead before the event. Don’t make the mistake of assuming, make sure your contracts are well documented and signed. Know when the deliverables, or resources your sponsors are given are coming in. Commitment to sponsorship agreement by sponsors is very important for the success of your event.
  2. Get any promotional materials you’ll be sharing at the event at this time. Have an estimate number of participants that’ll be present at the event and make promotional materials available. This is meant to curb wastage or inefficiency, or unnecessary prints you’ve made that are now useless on event day.
  3. Ask sponsors to share event on their promotional channels. This is very important. Use channels like Getdp for your participants, speakers and sponsors to connect to the event and have a personalised dp that says, “I will be attending” your event”

Continue executing on your publicity plan:

From start to event day, you can’t stop but continuing to promote your events. Here’s a few list of what you can do;

  1. Release press announcements about keynote speakers, celebrities, VIPs attending, honourees, etc.
  2. Post your initial event news release on your website and circulate to all partners, affiliated organizations, etc.
  3. Post more details about your event on social media and EventPrime

Close early-bird tickets:

At this stage you have to close early-bird tickets and focus on standard pricing. It’s time to make good profit off the invested time, energy and resources. This is also a great time to make sure like I said earlier, to continue executing your publicity plan. Don’t be surprised, a lot of participants will register during the regular ticket price. Use this EventPrime for this, just make sure to share your event link on every platform and we’ll help you manage your ticketing effectively than ever.

Finalize and proofread printed materials:

Finally, this is the period to make sure that content for all printed materials for the event are superb. Make sure to review, collect feedback and improve your content. Proofread and give members of your team to do the same before giving your printers go ahead to to finally print it so as to avoid mistakes you may have omitted.

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