Steps on how to plan an event

Steps on how to plan an event

Have you ever wondered how your favourite writers manage to keep their muse nearby and create a big pile of stunning pages that you read voraciously? Believe it or not, there’s no big secret to their success my friend.They just sit there and write.

The same applies for event organising. If you have a new event on your plate and don’t know exactly how to approach it, pick up your knife and fork, take a seat and start this tasty adventure with the best steps to event planning.

Why should you plan an event?

Just as brevity is the mother of wit, planning is definitely akin to effective event planning. If you don’t want any stressful experiences, queues at the check-in counter, someone placing the buffet in the wrong place and not knowing what to do about it, simply purchase a notebook and keep all the key processes outlined on paper.

The planning process that gives birth to the top-notch management of events involves three rules. To reach success with the core event management planning steps, learn how to plan an event checklist.

Event planning checklist

One of the key steps to planning a successful event is the creation of a useful checklist, which will be your starting point in making events run more smoothly.

  • Write down your event planning checklist.
  • Give it a good structure.
  • Consider local government requirements.
  • Set a budget.
  • Brainstorm, create a vision of what you want to achieve with the event.
  • Choose the location and rent the venue.
  • Find sponsors/vendors, contact the media.
  • Start marketing/promoting the event.
  • Connect the dots.
  • Talk to everyone, whose help you need.
  • Solve all technical issues.
  • Take care of licences, permissions.
  • Develop contingency plan for events.
  • Include risk/time/waste management and others.
  • Use GEVME to optimize the workflow.
  • Use event planning templates.
  • Outline all the aspects you need to work on and set the perfect plan to make your event shine.